Yesterday, if you didn’t already know, was “Devil’s Night”. We toilet papered Mich’s house, but we got caught, and we had to leave. Then we went home. Then I soap wrote all over my aunt Tonya’s van. I wrote “The ‘Milk and Juice’ van!!!” and then a bunch of hearts and Xs and Os. That may not make sense to you, but here’s the background:

About a month ago, aunt Tonya was talking to uncle Dan, and she told him they needed to go get milk and juice, cuz we were out. Well, there’s a party store about half a mile from our house, so we were expecting them right back. They were gone about two hourse.  A couple days later, they said, “we’re out of milk and juice, and the party store is closed, so we’ll be gone a few hours.” Half an hour later, I went to the party store, forgetting what they had said. It was still open. The van they take, it has a back seat that reclines to the equivelent of a queen sized bed. Hence,  the “Milk and Juice van.”

A few days ago, Zach was saying, “isn’t it weird that fourteen years ago, I didn’t exist.” “Yup,” says aunt Tonya. Then dad interjected before she could say anything else: “Yeah, they ran out of milk and juice, and BAM, there you were.”

C ya, gonna contemplater whether I feel like writing another post tonight or not.