Hehe, I’m not so bright

November 28, 2007

   This has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but my uncle just walked in with a dead flying squirrel. He’s in pest control, so that sort of thing happens regularly. So, anyway, on with the stupidness.
   Well, in a nutshell, I fed the horse my finger. It was painful. I was trying to feed him a Sweetart, but he was having a little bit of trouble picking it up off my palm. I found out later that he could have picked it up if he wanted to, but whatever. So I decided to just pop it in his mouth and take my hand out. The horse didn’t think that way. Ouch.

C ya, I guess I can’t stall any longer. I gotta do school 😦 Maybe I can convince mom that a lot of my computer/nes games are educational.