Yesterday, if you didn’t already know, was “Devil’s Night”. We toilet papered Mich’s house, but we got caught, and we had to leave. Then we went home. Then I soap wrote all over my aunt Tonya’s van. I wrote “The ‘Milk and Juice’ van!!!” and then a bunch of hearts and Xs and Os. That may not make sense to you, but here’s the background:

About a month ago, aunt Tonya was talking to uncle Dan, and she told him they needed to go get milk and juice, cuz we were out. Well, there’s a party store about half a mile from our house, so we were expecting them right back. They were gone about two hourse.  A couple days later, they said, “we’re out of milk and juice, and the party store is closed, so we’ll be gone a few hours.” Half an hour later, I went to the party store, forgetting what they had said. It was still open. The van they take, it has a back seat that reclines to the equivelent of a queen sized bed. Hence,  the “Milk and Juice van.”

A few days ago, Zach was saying, “isn’t it weird that fourteen years ago, I didn’t exist.” “Yup,” says aunt Tonya. Then dad interjected before she could say anything else: “Yeah, they ran out of milk and juice, and BAM, there you were.”

C ya, gonna contemplater whether I feel like writing another post tonight or not.


On randomness

November 1, 2007

At the age of two Lena Mae Feig turned to a life of crime: We were shopping at Bronners (the worlds largest christmas store, and yes, it was early in the season), and mom was picking out cards to send to her customers for the magazine. She found some sheep ones she liked, and Lena kept saying “Ma wach it! Ma wach it!” meaning “I will supervise that article in your stead.” So mom let her hold it. We didn’t end up buying anything, and we left the store. When we got home, they where in the stroller, in the trunk of the van. How tragic, a young person like her, full to bursting of opportunity, ruining any chance of success by shoplifting. Tsk tsk.

 C ya, gonna, umm, write another post!