Really Lazy or Sick

December 31, 2007

Holy Wow! I just slept for 12 hours. Straight. That’s a really long time to be asleep. My normal nightime schedule goes something like this:
10-11 go to bed
12-1:30 start going to sleep (stop reading)
1o-11:30 pm wake up.
=10 hours of sleep (about)

Last night it was more like:
8:45 go to bed cuz I was really tired
10:15 stopped reading
sometime between 11 and 12 went to sleep
12:30-1 wake up!!!
=12 hours of sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I reason that I either

1. am really lazy

2. had one of those eight hour colds or flus or something, and it happened entirely while i was asleep and made me tired.

but whatever the reason, I just slept for 12 hours. That’s a really long time

C ya


New blog

December 22, 2007

I realize I haven’t posted in forever, and probably won’t anytime soon. You can see some of my talk at

 C ya, gonna play line rider!

Jack Sparrow and Jesus

December 6, 2007

Me and dad were pondering on the relations between Jack Sparrow and Jesus. They both died and came back to life, albeit Jack had help, neither of their families where very pronounced, he traveled around with a group of friends and invited people to join his way of life. He sacrificed himself to save his friends, although he was betrayed, but so was jesus, and both of them were betrayed with a kiss, although the one between Elizibeth and Jack was a little more…. more.
       I’m not trying to say that the directors or writers did all that on purpose, and I’m certainly not the kind of guy who sees religion everywhere, but it is kind of interesting to mews on….

C ya

Hehe, I’m not so bright

November 28, 2007

   This has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but my uncle just walked in with a dead flying squirrel. He’s in pest control, so that sort of thing happens regularly. So, anyway, on with the stupidness.
   Well, in a nutshell, I fed the horse my finger. It was painful. I was trying to feed him a Sweetart, but he was having a little bit of trouble picking it up off my palm. I found out later that he could have picked it up if he wanted to, but whatever. So I decided to just pop it in his mouth and take my hand out. The horse didn’t think that way. Ouch.

C ya, I guess I can’t stall any longer. I gotta do school 😦 Maybe I can convince mom that a lot of my computer/nes games are educational.

Hehe, I’m so clever

November 28, 2007

I got grounded the other day. I can’t even remember what for, but I’m not allowed on the computer or nes. Of course, I immediately saw the good in that, as I would be unable to do my french or my World Book, which is a digital encyclopedia. However, my mom changed it so that I could do those things, when dad told her about it. But, (this is the clever bit) awhile ago, mom said my blog counted as school, in the form of “creative writing”! So it’s school! Once I explained my superior logic to my maternal unit, she realized she was dealing with an intellect greater than her own. So I can blog. W00t w00t!!!!

 c ya, gonna write more blogs.

Well, a lot has happened since the last time I posted. We went to the Barnum & Baily and Ringling Bros. circus. I guess they merged or something. It was cool, but nobody walked on a tightrope, which was something I was looking forward to:(. Today was the first sticking snow of the year. We got about two inches, but it’s all supposed to melt by the end of the day. Today is, of course, Thanksgiving. My family is big so it’s gonna be really crowded at Aunt Tracy’s house. Sry, That’s all I got today.

C ya, gonna go play super mario bros.

 P.S. I saw Transformers. It was really cool. you should see it.