Dreaming dark

March 20, 2008

          Probably none of you got that title…. it’s a D&D Eberron thing. Anyway, I’m down here in North Carolina, and as usuall, it’s really really fun. But anyway, back to the subject. I had a really weird dream about rascism!
          In my dream, I was a black guy, and all these people kept helping themselves to McDonalds food!!! So I beat the tar out of one of them, and suddenly he really like me! But none of the other people did. It was weird. Have I mentioned that yet? 

C ya, more blogs on NC soon


No posting

February 1, 2008

Sry I haven’t been posting. I got grounded 😦 and now my cousins from NC are here 🙂  so it’ll be awhile ’til I post again.

Really Lazy or Sick

December 31, 2007

Holy Wow! I just slept for 12 hours. Straight. That’s a really long time to be asleep. My normal nightime schedule goes something like this:
10-11 go to bed
12-1:30 start going to sleep (stop reading)
1o-11:30 pm wake up.
=10 hours of sleep (about)

Last night it was more like:
8:45 go to bed cuz I was really tired
10:15 stopped reading
sometime between 11 and 12 went to sleep
12:30-1 wake up!!!
=12 hours of sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I reason that I either

1. am really lazy

2. had one of those eight hour colds or flus or something, and it happened entirely while i was asleep and made me tired.

but whatever the reason, I just slept for 12 hours. That’s a really long time

C ya

New blog

December 22, 2007

I realize I haven’t posted in forever, and probably won’t anytime soon. You can see some of my talk at www.dndbuddies.wordpress.com

 C ya, gonna play line rider!


September 11, 2007

I just read that last post. I really sounded like a how to manual.


July 3, 2007

whohoho! i just looked at the new theme! that is soooo wicked (i normally don’t use that word, it just seemed to fit the… i have no idea how to spell it. here is the phonetic equivelent… om-bee-ons)

am i famous yet?

May 7, 2007

Well, as you may or may not know, this is my first blog, so if I do something offensive, anti-protocal-ish, or stupid, I request your pardon (I will not be reduced to begging).