Never tell fibs!

October 26, 2007

Which of the lines below is longer?

                    \                                                        /
                    /                                                        \

                                    /                     \
                                    \                     /

The correct answer is neither. If you think one is longer it’s just an optical illusion.

C ya, sry I haven’t been blogging. I offer no excuse.



July 3, 2007

did you hear about france?! nobodies gonna believe this, but france is considering changeing the name! of the country!!!!  ya know how the old currency there was the franc? well, it’s the euro know, and people feel like keeping the name reminds them too much about the old currency, so there considering a new name. most people think it will come down to either Courendesie (coor-en-dez-ee-a), Tanadu (ta-nay-doo), or Thispostistotalbull (this-powst-iz-tow-tall-bul).