Dreaming dark

March 20, 2008

          Probably none of you got that title…. it’s a D&D Eberron thing. Anyway, I’m down here in North Carolina, and as usuall, it’s really really fun. But anyway, back to the subject. I had a really weird dream about rascism!
          In my dream, I was a black guy, and all these people kept helping themselves to McDonalds food!!! So I beat the tar out of one of them, and suddenly he really like me! But none of the other people did. It was weird. Have I mentioned that yet? 

C ya, more blogs on NC soon


I’m so wise!

January 10, 2008


That was my having a divinely insperational moment. The result?

Your day is like a piece of glass. One small crack or hole and the entire thing is ruined.
the morale?
Pile up all your unpleasent things on one day, so the rest are purrfect. This only works if you absolutely nothing upleasent to do on the other days.

C ya, gotta doo sum skule

This is a vid of Brad from StuCo (student community, the youth group in our church) getting made into a battle rapper. The rest of the videos will get posted later… 

Jack Sparrow and Jesus

December 6, 2007

Me and dad were pondering on the relations between Jack Sparrow and Jesus. They both died and came back to life, albeit Jack had help, neither of their families where very pronounced, he traveled around with a group of friends and invited people to join his way of life. He sacrificed himself to save his friends, although he was betrayed, but so was jesus, and both of them were betrayed with a kiss, although the one between Elizibeth and Jack was a little more…. more.
       I’m not trying to say that the directors or writers did all that on purpose, and I’m certainly not the kind of guy who sees religion everywhere, but it is kind of interesting to mews on….

C ya

Hehe, I’m so clever

November 28, 2007

I got grounded the other day. I can’t even remember what for, but I’m not allowed on the computer or nes. Of course, I immediately saw the good in that, as I would be unable to do my french or my World Book, which is a digital encyclopedia. However, my mom changed it so that I could do those things, when dad told her about it. But, (this is the clever bit) awhile ago, mom said my blog counted as school, in the form of “creative writing”! So it’s school! Once I explained my superior logic to my maternal unit, she realized she was dealing with an intellect greater than her own. So I can blog. W00t w00t!!!!

 c ya, gonna write more blogs.

My cousin

November 1, 2007

Ogre/cyclops/nighthagI have an evil cousin. Here she is