September 4, 2007

We saw a movie online that the Taliban had posted, that showed some Taliban shooting at an american military jeep or hummer. The camara man was really far from the fight, and he kept dropping the camara, so it was a little bit hard to see what was going on. Any way, theĀ jeep got damaged, so it was driving really slow. Then somebody started firing from the back of the jeep. It didn’t hit anyone, but it scared them a lot. The jeep had called in air support, and after a few seconds of exchanging fire, it arrived, and the guy with the camara dropped to the ground and took cover. But we know that while he was taking cover the people in a jeep got airlifted out, and they blew up the jeep so that the Taliban couldn’t use the parts. So after that, it shows the Taliban walking around the rubble of the jeep, claiming that they had blown it up. But you know what the really cool part was? It was my cousing-in-law who was in the jeep, and who had been firing out the back, and who had blown up the jeep with 60lb of explosives before they got airlifted out. This is the address:

Some of Tara’s friends where there with us, watching it. They where not very intelligent. “We should just go over there and kill all of them, man, women, and child” “they’re so stupid. We took Sadam Hussein out of office, and now they’re mad at us.” Geez. how can you be so stupid?!