Burning the Star Wars posters

May 17, 2008

*sniff* I was cleaning my room (it needed a serius cleaning, too, not just a straighten up) and I took down a cheap magazing page poster of Padme and Obi-wan and Anaking posing. No biggie. But then I looked at another star wars poster I had… It was a promo for episode lll, and was still crisp and clean. However, it was really torn in some places (remember when aunt Tonya was living with us?). I hadn’t had it for very long, so I took that one down too. Then there was another one. I’d had that one for as long as I can remember. It was about Anaking, and showed a picture of him as a little boy mirrored on the other side by Darth Vader, with a shot of him holding a lightsaber in episode ll. The bottom was him riding the speeder bike in episode ll when he went to go get his mom. when it was still rolled up and new, it had gotten crushed somehow and their where even horizontal creases all down it. I thought and thought about whether to put it in some obscure drawer to be found years later, or give it to the boy I babysit and who is obsessed with star wars, or just to leave it up. I decided if I took the others down I might as well take this one down also. Then I decided it wasn’t in good enough shape to give away. I thought about keeping it, but I realized I wouldn’t ever need a poster to remember how much I liked star wars. So I burned it with the others. And now I regret it. *sob*


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