Adventure in the forest lll and lV

September 13, 2007

Part lll: We took the girls out to the house yesterday. Lena was indifferent, but Dani loved it. Actually, she mostly loved working on it. It was wierd. Normally Kids that age are to ADHD to do anything for more than at least half an hour. She looked at the two walls we had made and said, “it need a doe. A really really big doe.” Of course she meant door. She started work on a third wall. Then about and sixth of the way in she started one on the other side. It was pretty good. She did it with minimal instructions on our (mine and Zach’s) part. Me and Zach made a fence around it to make a kind of yard.

Part lV: Me and Zach went back there today, looking for Annie (one of the dogs living with us. she hasn’t been seen in a couple days.) It was uneventful. Then we made a crude table for the yard outside the hut thingy.

C ya, all the small mammals want to go back out there again this evening, so me and Zach and Mom are taking them. 


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