Adventure in the forest ll

September 11, 2007

Well, today I  faced the forest again. This time I was wise enough to wear boots. We went out there and decided to build a little club house for Dani and Lena. We found two trees that where the right length apart, sharpened a stake and stuck it in the ground to form a triangle with the other two trees. Then we lashed a stick to each tree about 4 feet off the ground (we made it small for the girls). Then we tied those sticks to the stake. Then we put some sticks across the top, so make a rough roof. Then I chopped down a little saplig and took the branches with leaves on them and put them on the roof, then we found some tall weeds in the woods and put them across the top. The walls where easy but took a long time. We just stood sticks up against the two of the sides, leaving the other one open, and peeled some bark off some dead trees to put in the gaps. It was by no meens perfect, but it looked pretty good. Then we found a tree that was dieing but it wasn’t rotted, so the bark was good for the floor. The last part was dragging some logs to make a small fence around it. The whole process to about two hours.

The girls where gone when we got back to the house, so we washed up a little bit and ate lunch. Every one else had eaten while we where gone, so we chopped up some bacon, roast beef, and some other un-identified lunch meat, and fried it and ate it on toast with cheese and beets on the side. Then I sat down at the computer and wrote this.

C ya, I gotta do school.


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