September 28, 2007

Ya know what makes me mad? I payed hard earned money at arcadetown.com to buy virtual villagers, and I found out it’s free at mofunzone.com! So, if you don’t mind, don’t spend your money at arcadetown. Thanks

C ya, I’m gonna go support my new favorite game website

note: several months later it was discovered that it was not actually the game that was free, it was the free trial, which is also available at http://www.arcadetown.com


Curses (you’re gonna want a lot of these):

Së lif onr waíse gëvloth (may your life be dull)

Së ai knifr gath hjarta onr! (may a knife unite with your heart)

Së rauthr ono tauthr! (may misfortunes follow you)

Së onr lifs agaetí waíse brakka! (very close to: may your life’s celebration be reduced)

Orya onr waíse andlát! (arrows be your death)

Vander gulia wiol ono! (ill luck for you)

C ya, së onr lifs ilian rïsa (I could tell you, but then i’d have to kill you)

Part lll: We took the girls out to the house yesterday. Lena was indifferent, but Dani loved it. Actually, she mostly loved working on it. It was wierd. Normally Kids that age are to ADHD to do anything for more than at least half an hour. She looked at the two walls we had made and said, “it need a doe. A really really big doe.” Of course she meant door. She started work on a third wall. Then about and sixth of the way in she started one on the other side. It was pretty good. She did it with minimal instructions on our (mine and Zach’s) part. Me and Zach made a fence around it to make a kind of yard.

Part lV: Me and Zach went back there today, looking for Annie (one of the dogs living with us. she hasn’t been seen in a couple days.) It was uneventful. Then we made a crude table for the yard outside the hut thingy.

C ya, all the small mammals want to go back out there again this evening, so me and Zach and Mom are taking them. 


September 11, 2007

I just read that last post. I really sounded like a how to manual.

Adventure in the forest ll

September 11, 2007

Well, today I  faced the forest again. This time I was wise enough to wear boots. We went out there and decided to build a little club house for Dani and Lena. We found two trees that where the right length apart, sharpened a stake and stuck it in the ground to form a triangle with the other two trees. Then we lashed a stick to each tree about 4 feet off the ground (we made it small for the girls). Then we tied those sticks to the stake. Then we put some sticks across the top, so make a rough roof. Then I chopped down a little saplig and took the branches with leaves on them and put them on the roof, then we found some tall weeds in the woods and put them across the top. The walls where easy but took a long time. We just stood sticks up against the two of the sides, leaving the other one open, and peeled some bark off some dead trees to put in the gaps. It was by no meens perfect, but it looked pretty good. Then we found a tree that was dieing but it wasn’t rotted, so the bark was good for the floor. The last part was dragging some logs to make a small fence around it. The whole process to about two hours.

The girls where gone when we got back to the house, so we washed up a little bit and ate lunch. Every one else had eaten while we where gone, so we chopped up some bacon, roast beef, and some other un-identified lunch meat, and fried it and ate it on toast with cheese and beets on the side. Then I sat down at the computer and wrote this.

C ya, I gotta do school.

Adventure in the forest

September 10, 2007

We have some wood out behind our house, not on our property but we have permission to go in them. Me and Zach went back thelre today and found a big puddle (or a very small pond). We’ve never really explored the woods back there, mainly because we don’t actually have permission to go more than about 30 feet into the woods, since that’s all the guy we have permission from owns. Anyway, we find this puddle/pond, and decide to throw logs out into it and make a way to get across. We could just walk around it, but what’s the fun of that? So there was already a log jutting out into the water, and it was a good place to start, since it started farther back than the mud on the edge of the puddle pond went. So me and Zach grab this log, one on each end, and I’m backing up onto the log. suddenly, my balance faltered. Uh oh. I could of corrected it if I hadn’t been carrying a log with me. But I was carrying a log with me. So it flashes through my mind that these are new shoes, that the mud is probably around two inches deep, that it’s the nasty kind of mud that never dried no matter how long you left it in the sun and that smelled horrible, and the worst thing that could happen is that the mud is actually very shallow but slippery, so I could slip and fall and get very muddy. So I take a very controlled jump. It was a beautiful jump, precicely angles to make sure that I won’t fall, but also balanced so that if I did fall, I would fall forward and catch myself with my hands. However, my calculations where incorrect. The jump was great, but I had the wrong data input. The shoes where new, but I was wrong about the mud. The best way I can convey the essence of the sound is swapthwuthwuthwuthwuisssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I stared blankly at my legs. I could see down to about 5 inches below my neighs, but the rest of my leg had dissapeared. Where were they? Suddenly it dawned on me. My mouth dropped open. The mud was a lot deeper than I thought.

So ya, that was our adventure in the forest. I walked home in my socks so the mud wouldn’t seep into the inside of my shoes. I got home and took a loooong shower. Then I wrote this, while the memory was fresh in my mind. C ya. I gotta do some school.


September 7, 2007

I took a bike ride tonight, and to take my mind off the work I usually try to be as random as possible. Here are some things I pondered on.

Canneble cannibals

Melekum sounds exactly like “I like him” if you say it fast enough and long enough. Not that Melekum is a word.

Red leather yellow leather.

Swish thud scitter WHA!!

That last one was a raccoon jumping out of a tree right next to me. I was freaked out enough not to think of any other words of wisdom.