aunt tonya

August 25, 2007

Ok, so we went back down to NC. The day after we got back, we helped aunt tonya move. in with us. while they got ready to move to the house they’re buying. so that happened. I could elaborate on all the crazy stuff that happened, but i’ll rather be done with this post before next year.

so Aunt tonya moved in with us, and then mom gets a message on the aswering machine: “should we bring air mattresss?”. it was mom and dad’s friends from calironia (actually they live in texas now) and they had emailed dad saying they were coming up in two weeks. but dad hadn’t gotten the email, so we had one days notice to get ready for them. when they got here, you know how many people where living in this house with us??!?!!? guess!!!!!!!!!!! 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0 omg…. absolute insanity. so that happened. then they left. now aunt tonya is still living with us, but we’re a little more used to it now.

c ya. gonna go surf the web for free games.


w00t w00t!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 13, 2007

sweetness! we went back down with them to NC and spent about 4 days there. that was reeeeaaallly fun. more on that later.

i feel like runescaping. c ya


August 13, 2007

Rog and Wes finally got here! it was 1:00 AM when they did. Zach was over, cuz he likes them (actually he just wanted to make sure we didn’t play DnD without him). so it’s 1 AM when they pull up in the driveway. me and Zach stayed up till then. i was thinking, y’know, they would get here and just want to sleep. not the case. we stayed up till three, not just sitting around talking, but chasing each other with airsoft guns, whacking people with pillows, and in general horsing around.

so they got there. i can’t remember exactly all the stuff that happened while they were here, but once we (Zach, Rog, Wes, and I) all went for a bike ride. Wes and Zach where at the end of the driveway. “which way are we going?”, so i said “i usually go that way (right).”, so they take of down the road, when Rog is like “we’re going that way, right?” pointing the other way. so i said ya, and we left the losers with the fancy shmancy bike behind. it was fun. it was even more fun when rog randomly fell in the ditch and received, as he put it, a “stab wound”. the rest of the time they where here, whenever Rog would lose at airsoft, or fail at anything in general, he would blame it on the fact that his “ol’ battle wound” was bothering him again.

also while they where up, we went up north to a waterpark. it was sweet. they had 4 story high slides that you went down on tubes in, and 3 story high body slides. then they had two six story high slide, one just dropped straight for a long time, and the other one had a straight part and then a drop, to that you had built up enough speed when you hit the drop that you wheren’t touching the slide for a sec. it was fun. 

we also saw the bridge from the UP to the lower peninsula. mom was terrified when we crossed it, cuz there was a high winds advisory, and there where signs saying you should drive 25 mph with your hazard lights on, which mom did, for the five miles that the bridge stretched. humiliating.

well, that’s what i remember about there trip up here, except for the airsoft. lots and lots of airsoft.

i got grounded from Monday till my cousins got here, which was Saturday. so i couldn’t post then. i tried to convince mom to let me post a short post saying i wouldn’t post in awhile, knowing i wouldn’t want to post while my confederate cousins where here. so that eliminated those five days.


August 13, 2007

sorry for not posting in forever. i have good excuses. here they are: