laptop and butt problems

July 7, 2007

i went for a longish horse ride on the fourth. no biggie. until the next morning. i could hardly walk. it lasted about four days severely, and now it isn’t to bad, but i can still feel it. it doesn’t help that i’ve been riding my $280.oo new bike. more on the bike later. but anyway, i’ve been doing about 8 miles a day, and my butt is sooo sore.

now to the laptop. i got a new laptop. it was pretty sweet. actually i can’t complain. it was free. more on that later. but anyway, it’s a Toshiba ME, but the former owner upgraded to XP. good right? not. it took up way to much space on the itty bitty hard drive. so my neighbor says he’ll help me put 98 on there, cuz ME actually isn’t as good as 98. great. we delete all the files, since nothing was important on it, and start installing 98. it goes flawlessly, until it asks us for a product code. uh-oh. now 98 has become aware of it’s self and won’t let us load ME on instead (we made sure we had the product code  for ME). but noooooo, it would be waaaay to easy to do that. the ME disk is actually not a boot disk, it’s an upgrade. so now my computer can’t boot, is possesed by 98, and we don’t have a boot disk. kevin (the neighbor) kinda felt like it was his fault, so he went online and spent some cash getting the ME to be a boot disk plus an upgrade. but we haven’t done it yet, so i’m waiting for the next catch.


2 Responses to “laptop and butt problems”

  1. Tex Says:

    Funny, I played volleyball for about 4 hours on the fourth, and my legs didnt feel better till this morning (saturday)

  2. Tex Says:

    How much “later” were you planning to write more on the bike?

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