the late post, with jacob ________

June 16, 2007

man, it’s late. obviusly. well, it’s actually probably not late when you’re reading this, since you have a life. anyway, i’ve been playing “extreme pamplona”. it’s pretty cool. i can’t quite get the hang of the second to last level, but i guess i’ll stop for tonight. actually i don’t have much say in when i have to stop. the only reason i’m still on is because mom’s having a lengthy phone conversation. actually, she’s just having a conversation. with mom, the lengthy goes without saying.

so anyway, i’m getting in my pajamas, aka stripping down to by boxer, and i  decided that i have been neglecting the blog. as i said, i’ve been playing extreme pamplona, and runescape, and skies of war, and slime, and all that other stuff.

i haven’t been feeling to good lately. i kinda have a sore throat, and this morning i lost my voice (but hardly anyone noticed, since i’m not to talkative). so i took a hot hot shower and that’s where my voice was cuz i found it.

hopefully i’ll be able to post again sunday (tomorrow is gonna be crazy busy). c ya’ll


2 Responses to “the late post, with jacob ________”

  1. Tex Says:

    Funny game, I like the level in the sauna :p

  2. Aunt tonya Says:

    Poor baby,
    so sad no body noticed your voice, are you feeling neglected? The voice is called puberty dork!! Get use to it, it only gets worse!LOL

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