*wishes he could run away*

June 6, 2007

*sigh* i hate recitals. i had a violin recital last friday, and i despised it. i had to practice really hard cuz i heard there was actually gonna be some competition for who was the best student that aunt tracy taught. is that how you spell that? anyway, i’ll bet you can guess who is the current best. if for some strange reason you picked someone else than me, you’re wrong. so anyway, i totally was the best. actually, i have no idea how i did. all i could here was the piano player and my heart… but anyway, i have a piano recital in two days, but i’m not so worried about that one because i haven’t been doing piano for very long, so i don’t have to hold my position.

in case you’re offended, i don’t really try to be the best violinest… but i am aunt tracy’s longest student to have been taught by her.


One Response to “*wishes he could run away*”

  1. Tex Says:

    I think you should suggest that instead of doing a concert at the end of the year, you and the rest of the class get together and cut a CD, so that people could enjoy it for years to come. Then you could just take all your best work over 2-3 weeks and mix it into one track.

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