dubi, didub, and hmott

June 6, 2007

i miss being called dubi (duh-bee)… lena use to call me that, and dani would call me didub (dee-dub)… neither of them to could say jacob… but know lena calls me didub, also. her  sister was apparently very influencial…

… that was kinda random, but i needed to express my feelings. not. i made a new account on runescape. didub is the username. i tried dubi but it was tooken. to bad. hmott (aych-mot) was is my old account. it stands for high member of the triad. that’s it.. i just couldn’t think of anything else to post. c ya, gonna go finish up goblin diplomacy.


One Response to “dubi, didub, and hmott”

  1. Aunt tonya Says:

    ooooohhhhhh JACOB!!!!

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