violin recital and mom ranting

June 1, 2007

man, my violin recital is today. i absolutely despise recitals. i get sick i’m so nervous. but this year, i don’t care! be the best or be the worst, who care!? i don’t! i absolutely would love it if i went up on the stage and made a fool of myself!

humph, mind over matter is such a scam…

mom’s been ranting and raving for the last half hour cuz all the online news didn’t say that that kid who one the national spelling bee was a homeschooler. i said “can i get on the computer?” “yes i’m just soo mad!!!!!!!!!!” “are you mad at me?” “i’m just mad! argh!”

kinda freakin’ me out.

c ya, gonna go try to craft some mind runes on runescape.


One Response to “violin recital and mom ranting”

  1. Aunt tonya Says:

    They did say on tv, i seen it and watched it, good enough. They wont say too much more for fear that it will be known that they really are intelligent. Did i spell that right? LOL

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