May 31, 2007

well, i guess i don’t have much to say… i cut my finger and am having trouble typing cuz the band aid is cutting down my finger’s reaction time. if i… umm, perform? any typos, that’s why.

we started to get our pool ready to swim in, and we’re having a party on saturday.

hey, i just though of what to write about! oh man, mom’s out of the bathroom and is about to tell me to go to sleep, so i’ll try to write in the morning.

2 minutes have gone by…

huh, she actually she didn’t make me stop. ohhh, noooowwww she wants me to stop. she’s sitting on the couch with me, first telling me to tell you (anybody reading this) that it’s her’s and dad’s anniversery. actually, it’s only been there anniversery for about 11 minutes.

we just watch a sit-com about some guy shooting himself with a staple gun in a place where a guy would not want to be shot with a staple gun. i was feeling very insecure, and was in a lot of agony…

c ya and good night.


2 Responses to “yawn”

  1. Tex Says:

    I bet watching that sitcom made you glad that you cut your FINGER, huh?

  2. jacob Says:

    i have. zach’s caught himself in his zipper before, also.

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