May 22, 2007

For some reason I find it fascinating (not really) to count my deformities. I suppose know you think I have a third eye or an arm growing out of my leg, but I don’t (at least last time I checked.) I have three, but I can’t remember one… I think it started with “short term” or something like that. I just can’t remember. Alright, enough with the stupid jokes. But I do have three, and I really can’t remember one, but the first one is synesthesia or sin-a-thsee-zeea, meaning I am a synesthete. It’s where your brain associates one sense with another. Some people literally hear sounds when they look at pictures, especially abstracts. Others taste when they see a color. There’s all kinds of different stuff. I personally have a color for all the letter of the alphabet, and for some of the numbers. It would really bug me if someone drew a red A. A’s are so obviously green. How can anyone not realize that? But if you drew a red R, especially if it was pale dark red, that would be very pleasing. Fours are brown, three’s are bright pale pink. It’s very natural. After you get to the big numbers, they go as follows. Hundreds are black, thousands are gray, millions are yellow, and billions are brown. I think millions and billions are that color because M is yellow, and B is brown, but T’s aren’t gray, they’re light brown, and H is extremely pale gray. The other weird thing is an adam’s apple, which is nowhere near as interesting as synethesia.

Now that you think I’m a total freak, C ya. or C (white) Y(light green)a (middle, not quite dark green)


3 Responses to “synesthesia”

  1. Tex Says:


  2. Tex Says:

    Hmmm, nope they look grey to me. Oh well.

  3. Aunt tonya Says:

    #3 is blue buddy, and #5 is yellow. Ever hear of OCD? Like me, scared?

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