May 21, 2007

Sorry about the title, but I don’t have the energy to think of anything good right now.

We’ve been letting Jake, the miniature horse, run wild in our yard. He never goes very far, because he has all the food he could eat (I’ve deduced that eating is all horses ever think about) and he likes to stay near Copper (the big horse), who is in another pasture. But, back to what I was saying. We’ve been letting him graze, and usually he doesn’t go very far, but for some reason or another, now he thinks he absolutely must go over to the corn field that’s right next to our house (there’s no corn planted in it yet) and eat every little tuft of grass. So I tied him to the telephone pole.

I’ve kinda been neglecting the blog lately, because I’ve been playing runescape a lot. Sorry about that. Actually, I’m not that sorry, because I’m gonna go get on right now. C ya


One Response to “Stuff”

  1. Aunt tonya Says:

    Naughty boy!!

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