May 14, 2007

I only have  a little time before we leave for church. actually, I won’t be able to post this until I make gramaticall corrections to the other posts, so I probably won’t post it till Monday cause we got a lot to do today, since it’s Mother’s Day and all. here’s the last few days:

 Friday I woke up at six cause my miniature horse was out. He had been put in the corral that we usually put the big one in, and had no idea that he could walk right under the electric fence. Well, actually, he found out eventually, obvieusly. So anyway, I wake up and see that he’s down by the neighbors and go downstairs, but Mom is already up and says she’ll take care of it. I can’t get back to sleep anyway and end up reading till seven.

(Between writing the text before this and the text after this there was a space of about 11 hours.)

Well, I can’t remember anything else of Friday. Moving on. (I hope you don’t mind that I’m going fast I don’t have much time on the computer, and I really wanna play some Combat Flight Simulater.)

Saturday I woke up at 11:57. Ya, I was pretty much making up for the fact that I had gotten up so early the day before. The rest of the day I spent cleaning (something we always do on Saturdays so we don’t have to do it on Sundays.)

Today, I awoke at once again, about six and did pretty much the same thing I did Friday morning. The mini got out again and when I started to put Copper (the big one) back in his other pasture, Eve, our dog, shocked herself on the electric fence, flipped out, and scared the horse so that he took off running. then at about 8:30 we left for church. I was a little disoriented when we got there, because the school building we use had something going on in the auditoreum, and we had to set up in the gym. Anyway, Echo (the Jr. High thing) was not very effected, so nobody had to go without they’re weekly Guitar Hero fix (myself included). Anyway, we went to the zoo after that with Memere (french for grandmother) and Uncle Tex (her son, my dad’s brother). I don’t know what the zoo had to do with mothers, but whatever.

C ya for now. Gonna go gun down the enemy.


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