work work work

May 10, 2007

Sorry about not posting yesterday. Zach (of the same family as Dani and Lena) was over and I couldn’t, ya know, blow ‘im off and go blog. Then when he left, Mom and I (I feel like a dork saying that, but Mom is making me) went shopping for dad’s birthday (which is today). We finally got some hot weather. Well, not that hot, but hot enough to make me fervently wish we had the pool open. Did I just use the word fervently? Man, I’ve been reading to much Beowulf .

I worked from pretty much the time I got up, which was about 10:20, to about four minutes ago. I’ve been freezing wet rags and tyeing around my head to keep cool. mother really is the necessity of invention.


2 Responses to “work work work”

  1. tonya Says:

    I wish your pool was open too! I was very hot, thank goodness its a little cooler today. Its suppose to drop down to 37. tonite. Go figure, that Michigan for ya!!

  2. Mom Says:

    Do you wish fervently enough for the pool that you would consider actually doing something about it? We are all waiting….Mom

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