A breif overview

May 7, 2007

Well, if I’m gonna become famous, I guess I better let the world know a little about me.

 Things I like:

The Internet; This is something that you are using right now (if you are reading this).

Computer games; I don’t mean to diss consoles, but they just don’t compare.

 Lord of the Rings; Anything that has to do with it. Seriously. Games, posters, the books, the movies, the toiletries (Have you seen the the new bars of soap fashioned to the likeness of the elven boats? Just kidding).

Star Wars; At least as much as lotr

runescape; An online mmorpg.

Mathew Stover; The greatest living author.

Muse; Worlds only intelligent and non-sleep inducing magazine

Thing I don’t like:

“Coolness”; Trying to be cool is soooo stupid. My cousin walked around for a week with the visor part of his hat covering 99 percent of his face cause he thought it was “cool”. his neck was sore for sooo long after that cause he had his head at such an extreme angle just to see.

After reading that, I have one question: Can you say “supernerd”?

Well, I gotta go now. C ya.


2 Responses to “A breif overview”

  1. Tonya Says:

    You are my nerdy nephew. I will admitt hat. But i like you just the way you are, its refreshing. Have you thought of a career in comedy or writting for sitcoms? I dont know.

  2. Zach Says:

    i’m not stupid and no it dose not cover up 99% if my face it covers up 50

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