May 31, 2007

well, i guess i don’t have much to say… i cut my finger and am having trouble typing cuz the band aid is cutting down my finger’s reaction time. if i… umm, perform? any typos, that’s why.

we started to get our pool ready to swim in, and we’re having a party on saturday.

hey, i just though of what to write about! oh man, mom’s out of the bathroom and is about to tell me to go to sleep, so i’ll try to write in the morning.

2 minutes have gone by…

huh, she actually she didn’t make me stop. ohhh, noooowwww she wants me to stop. she’s sitting on the couch with me, first telling me to tell you (anybody reading this) that it’s her’s and dad’s anniversery. actually, it’s only been there anniversery for about 11 minutes.

we just watch a sit-com about some guy shooting himself with a staple gun in a place where a guy would not want to be shot with a staple gun. i was feeling very insecure, and was in a lot of agony…

c ya and good night.


was that enough exclamation points? i think not! school is over! c ya, lincoln! so long, e=mc2!!!!! hello, Foundation (isaac asimov, of course)!!!!!!!!!!! have you noticed i ain’t capitalizing my sentences or proper nouns?!?!! i don’t have too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so what? i don’t care if you think i’m stupid. heck, i gotta get to work…. forgeting at least a third of what i learned this year!!!!! ok, that was kinda stupid…

well, in case you haven’t gathered this information for yourself… i’m kinda glad school is over. well….. actually it’s not entirely over…. i still gotta do school on mondays with my cousins, but, how did Sally [charlie brown] coin it? “who cares!” ha! did you see that!? i didn’t use a question mark! such improper grammer! i luv it!

i was gonna do math over the summer to catch up. you can’t blame me for being behind. i didn’t get the stuff to do it till christmas. but anyway, i was gonna do it over the summer, cuz dad said i could get a ps2 when i finished (note that he was not going to buy me one [the horror!], i merely had the permission to spend my money on one. but then mom stepped in a claimed the whole deal was her idea, and that she had said i could get a wii, cuz she “didn’t want something where you just sit”. but you develop much more character with the ps2 games! i mean, how much exercise do you get from flicking your wrist 3 times with a slightly different twist to it? i mean, in a game like wii sports baseball, it doesn’t measure how hard you swing the remote, merely how fast it was, so you could just flick it about 2 inches and the ball goes flying across the the field. and how can knowing the genuine military strategies of the galactic empire not be useful?!

well, i’m gonna go brag to all the public schoolers on museblog and runescape about being done (just barely) before them. c ya

synesthesia ll

May 23, 2007

I remembered my other deformity. I’m double jointed. Still not as interesting as being a synesthete. But I can touch my wrist with the thumb on the same arm. It’s kinda painful, though…

C ya, I gotta go give my horse a bath.

My feminine side

May 23, 2007

I don’t have one. 


May 22, 2007

For some reason I find it fascinating (not really) to count my deformities. I suppose know you think I have a third eye or an arm growing out of my leg, but I don’t (at least last time I checked.) I have three, but I can’t remember one… I think it started with “short term” or something like that. I just can’t remember. Alright, enough with the stupid jokes. But I do have three, and I really can’t remember one, but the first one is synesthesia or sin-a-thsee-zeea, meaning I am a synesthete. It’s where your brain associates one sense with another. Some people literally hear sounds when they look at pictures, especially abstracts. Others taste when they see a color. There’s all kinds of different stuff. I personally have a color for all the letter of the alphabet, and for some of the numbers. It would really bug me if someone drew a red A. A’s are so obviously green. How can anyone not realize that? But if you drew a red R, especially if it was pale dark red, that would be very pleasing. Fours are brown, three’s are bright pale pink. It’s very natural. After you get to the big numbers, they go as follows. Hundreds are black, thousands are gray, millions are yellow, and billions are brown. I think millions and billions are that color because M is yellow, and B is brown, but T’s aren’t gray, they’re light brown, and H is extremely pale gray. The other weird thing is an adam’s apple, which is nowhere near as interesting as synethesia.

Now that you think I’m a total freak, C ya. or C (white) Y(light green)a (middle, not quite dark green)


May 21, 2007

Sorry about the title, but I don’t have the energy to think of anything good right now.

We’ve been letting Jake, the miniature horse, run wild in our yard. He never goes very far, because he has all the food he could eat (I’ve deduced that eating is all horses ever think about) and he likes to stay near Copper (the big horse), who is in another pasture. But, back to what I was saying. We’ve been letting him graze, and usually he doesn’t go very far, but for some reason or another, now he thinks he absolutely must go over to the corn field that’s right next to our house (there’s no corn planted in it yet) and eat every little tuft of grass. So I tied him to the telephone pole.

I’ve kinda been neglecting the blog lately, because I’ve been playing runescape a lot. Sorry about that. Actually, I’m not that sorry, because I’m gonna go get on right now. C ya

x=Variable representing amount of problems for one lesson. y=Variable representing amount of problems I get wrong for one lesson. n=Variable representing amount of problems i will ultimately do for one lesson.

(1/4x)+(2y)=n            n≤x

This is the formula I use to determine the number of algabrae problems I have to do. Can you believe my mom still made me do my math for the day after i came up with that?